Wednesday, 13 February 2013

BLUT Patches are available

Patches are available now. £2 each for UK £3 for rest of the world, If you order a tape we will send you a free patch, we still have most tapes available, and copies of Ritual and Ceremony on CD.

This Burden (cassette.Wolfs Hook Records)
Dead.Solstice (cassette.Wolfs Hook Records)
Ritual and Ceremony (full length CD.Wolfs Hook Records)
Ritual and Ceremony (cassette.War Command Distro)
Plagues (cassette.Self Release)


  1. i wanna be buried in a shallow grave . exposed to the elements and be half eaten wearing one of those. make some t shirts. 666

  2. Hails, how can I purchase a patch?

    Northern Darkness (Print) Zine